Sunday, June 25, 2006

Common Lisp and Windows Vista

The other day, I installed Windows Vista Beta 2 from DVD into a dedicated partition on my PC (the other partition is WinXP SP2). Beta 2 is the first Vista pre-release available to anybody and everybody, as opposed to the technical Betas available to MSDN subscribers and other similarly-connected folks. The only install hiccup that I encountered was that there is currently no driver for my sound system available though Microsoft Update. No biggy. By now, there are probably a dozen reviews of Vista Beta 2 out there, and this blog entry will not be another one. Just in case it helps somebody, here are a few review links:

Naturally, I'm looking at Vista from the perspective of a Common Lisp programmer. So in addition to wanting to poke around the new system and see for myself what it's like, my intention is to get started working with CL implementations on this new version of Windows. In particular, I want to test Graphic-Forms and think about where GF should go, taking into consideration the ways in which the GUI subsystems are changing for Vista and beyond (e.g. some info about that here).

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