Monday, July 10, 2006

input requested: adding a Lisp listener

I'm thinking about adding a Lisp listener to Graphic-Forms, and was
hoping to get some input. Do you think it is:

a) a "must have" feature if GF is to be taken seriously

b) a "nice-to-have" feature that you could live without
(note -- thinking of the availability of SLIME or
commercial IDEs as I write this)

c) more important to make sure apps built with GF have
the right building blocks for a listener, rather than
bundling one directly with the library proper

d) a complete waste of time



John Connors said...

As you point out - as long as it's possible to develop with SLIME then it comes into the "nice to have" category. I never work with the McCLIM listener, prefering to stay inside SLIME when I work with McCLIM, but I know people (much better coders than I) who work with the Listener. I'd guess the same logic applies here.

Ben Kooijman said...

I guess it would be good to implement, if only to gain some mindshare amongst those used to working that way.