Thursday, August 10, 2006

SBCL port

Just a quick update. Among the various things I'm working on for the next release, I've now got a significant part of Graphic-Forms up and running on SBCL/Win32. Woot!


Anonymous said...

Do you think the sbcl win32 port is usable now?

I didn't see a lot of cvs commit on planetsbcl.

I hope that sbcl can emerge and become the best open source implementation so everybody will be using it. That should create momentum to get things rolling (more lisp libaries, better support on all platforms, etc)

Jack Unrue said...

It's stable enough for development, at least so far in my experience. There is a recurring problem (reported on sbcl-devel) with a 'gc invariant lost' error that happens intermittently, and there are some other rough edges yet to be worked out. My understanding is that Win32 threading is not yet functional. But I think it will improve pretty quickly, especially with more users testing and reporting bugs.