Friday, December 1, 2006

Graphic-Forms version 0.7.0

Release 0.7.0 of Graphic-Forms, a Common Lisp library for Windows GUI programming, is now available. This is an alpha release, meaning that the feature set and API have not yet stabilized.

Here is what's new in this release:

. Implemented cursor support. Applications can choose from the system-defined cursors or load them from external files. Also provided are convenience macros GFW:WITH-CURSOR and GFW:WITH-WAIT-CURSOR.

. Implemented a new layout manager called GFW:BORDER-LAYOUT which allows applications to assign children to regions around the perimeter of a window or the center.

. Implemented GFS:OBTAIN-SYSTEM-METRICS as a higher-level interface to the Win32 GetSystemMetrics() API. It returns a hash table containing slightly post-processed system metrics values.

. Implemented the function GFW:PROCESS-EVENTS to help applications flush the event queue of pending events.

. GFW:APPEND-ITEM now accepts an optional classname argument so that applications can use custom item classes.

. Implemented a new macro GFW:WITH-ROOT-WINDOW which manages the lifetime of an instance of GFW:ROOT-WINDOW for use within the macro body.

. Fixed ASDF loading problems.

The README.txt file in the release zip file also has additional important information about this release.

Download the release zip file here:

The project website is:

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