Sunday, December 3, 2006

new job

Tomorrow, I'm starting a new job that is mostly Java programming but may also involve some C++ and C#. At least in the beginning, I'll be working on non-graphical library code. The problem domain is pretty interesting and (for me) brand new.

Does this mean the end of my Lisp hacking days? Not at all. Throughout my career, I've consistently worked on projects in my free time -- I tell people that if programming wasn't my job, it would be my hobby. And I know there are lots of people who feel the same way. Lisp multiplies the fun by 10x (or whatever factor you want to plug in, it's large). I am and will continue to be an enthusiastic member of the Lisp community.

I am returning to the so-called commercial software development world armed with a broader view of how to solve problems. I also have a pragmatic view of Java programming as a technology, and Java/C++ programmers as highly capable and intellectually stimulating folks with whom to work. It will be nice to collaborate with folks on a face-to-face basis.

Meanwhile, I continue to work on Graphic-Forms and look forward to making the next release available (I'm thinking January is likely). My McCLIM backend project continues as well. I salute the SBCL developers for getting to the 1.0 stage and hope to find ways of contributing to the Win32 port. I continue to be one of the binary package maintainers for CLISP. And there are some other projects that I have cooking.

If only there were more hours in each day!

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Ralph Allan Rice said...

Congratulations, Jack on your new opportunity.