Sunday, April 1, 2007

1 April 2007

Some of my recent development activity:

- Having brought Graphic-Forms more or less up-to-date with latest CFFI, I returned to work on the task of supporting status bars in top-level windows.
- I also spent some time poking at event handling in clim-graphic-forms.
- I responded to a couple help requests for CLISP on Windows; one of those problems appears to be a bug in the MinGW component that supplies the Win32 headers and libraries. It's one of those cases where some particular values are needed and these can't be extracted from the MS headers and libs for licensing reasons.

And that's not to mention the fun stuff I'm doing at work (not in Lisp, but still fun). I tried hard to ignore all the April Fool's silliness, but the Gmail Paper announcement was pretty well done if you ask me.