Sunday, June 15, 2008

A new blog and a clean slate

Welcome to my new blog. I'm retiring Step Away from the REPL in favor of this one, which will be more free-form in the sense that I will write about anything that comes to mind, rather than only Lisp or programming. That being said, I won't stay away from programming topics on purpose and probably will still jabber about it quite a bit, like for example in this very blog entry.

So yes, I still do a lot of programming in my free time. I'm working on a computer-go engine which I call Dakengo. I don't have a webpage for it yet, but that will be addressed. There is a backend written in Common Lisp (specifically SBCL) where all of the decision-making is implemented, as well as support for SGF and GTP and various other bits of infrastructure. And there are some pieces, such as the GUI, implemented in other languages. I'll write more about Dakengo in the future.

Anyway, there it is. Thanks for reading this stuff.


Slava Pestov said...

> And there are some pieces, such as the GUI, implemented in other languages.

I hope this doesn't mean you're giving up on Graphics-Forms.

Jack Unrue said...

Thanks, Slava. I don't have any immediate plans for working on it but that could change at any time :-)

evrim said...

Dear Mr. Unrue,

We can help you with your Dakengo project website for free. We'r building an application server with CL named Core Server.

If you need a quick web page, you can refer to our simple solution here:

Kind regards,

evrim _at_

Lars Rune Nøstdal said...

I did a Go GUI/frontend to GNU Go a while ago using AJAX/Comet:

Go is great btw. :)

Jack Unrue said...


I'm not looking for help right now, but thanks and good luck.

Jack Unrue said...

Hi Lars, nice job on your Go frontend. I intend to write up what I have in mind for the Dakengo GUI sometime in the near future.

Go is a great game, indeed. The simple mechanics and depth are very appealing.

Anonymous said...

Jack, Jack, Jack... Still the programmer, eh? Not like working on a Pengo clone for a TI994a? LOL. Guess who? ;-)

Jack Unrue said...

Heh, I guess it's either programming, or playing SFB -- damn Hydrans! :-)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps - but those pesky Orions proved the Hydrans were cheating...