Thursday, October 15, 2009

Today's workout

Today we had to do 5 rounds of the following:

- 10 Ring Pushups
- 5 Squat Cleans
- 250 m Row

I got mine done in 15:09, and was exhausted at the end, although my squat cleans were just using the 40lb bar. I haven't quite got the hang of the squat cleans yet, but I'm getting closer. Practice, practice, practice. Then we worked on ring dips and renegade rows.

I am happy to say that I am up-to-date with my burpees for the burpee challenge. We have to do an ever increasing number, increasing by one each day, until Jan 8th when a total of 100 burpees will be required. But for tomorrow, it's just 16 of them. I think doing them in the morning before I head out is working pretty well.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Today's workout

Today at the gym, Robyn had us do the "Filthy Fifty". Don't you love all these nifty CrossFit named workouts? In this case, you are asked to do 50 reps each of:

- Box Jump 24"/20"
- Jumping Pullup
- KB Swing 1 pood
- Walking Lunge 50 steps
- Push Press 45#
- Back Ext.
- Wall Ball 20#/14#
- Burpee
- Double Under

What is a "pood", you ask? The main CrossFit site says it is a "Russian measure used for kettlebells; common ones: 1 pood =36 lbs; 1.5 pood = 54 lbs; 2 pood = 72 lbs. Approx db equivalents are 35, 55, 70". I chose a half-pood, or 18lbs.

KTE stands for "knees to elbows," and as Robyn said today, "from the bar is preferred." But some of us (i.e., me) had to substitute with a few crunches on the floor on our backs. The Back Extension is supposed to be done with weight, but I had to scale down to a very light bar because I don't yet have the flexibility to get my arms back enough to have the bar resting on my back muscles. I had to substitute a bunch of push-ups for half of my burpees. And finally, I substituted x3 single-unders for the double-under jump roping. And then I tossed in a run around the building, which is not quite 400m unless you keep going to the next warehouse entrance and come back.

And that's not counting the 25 burpees I did this morning (with real push-ups) to stay up-to-date with the burpee challenge! Man, I am wiped out now, but feeling good.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Random incoherent thoughts

Had another kick-ass workout at the gym today, but I'm too tired to write about it much. Plus I need to get back to debugging some stuff for work. I was at work by 7:15am today and yet I still need to put more time into the project. I will be joining a number of my co-workers in presenting our projects company-wide tomorrow in the early afternoon.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Well, that wasn't so good

I got a little carried away (heh heh) with my deadlift weight today, and strained my back a bit. I did 21 reps @ 160lbs, then 21 kettle bell snatches on each arm, and 21 box jumps. I started the next round which was going to be 15 reps, but had to quit early because of my back and I don't think I'll be doing my burpees for the day. Darn it.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Today's workout

Robyn held her Saturday workout in the usual place today, Parfet Park in Golden, CO. It was a beautiful, sunny morning. We had to start with 50 kettle bell swings and 10 ball slams, followed by 50m of burpee broad-jumps, then 40 kb swings and 20 ball slams, another 50m of burpee broad-jumps, and so on until we finished with 10 kb swings and 50 ball slams. I was not in the best place mentally for this -- I hate burpees. But Danielle and the other folks provided lots of encouragement, and helped me get through it. Thanks you guys!

And Robyn is challenging us to do burpees every day -- 1 on Oct. 1st, 2 on Oct. 2nd, and so on. I missed the first couple days worth, so I have to do 6 today, and then it will be 4 tomorrow, 5 on Monday, etc. The end goal is to do 100 burpees for time on Jan 8th. Oh man, that's gonna suck.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Today's workout

The workout at the gym today was called "The Bear". You had to do the following:

- Power Clean
- Front Squat
- Push Press
- Back Squat
- Push Press

7 times to count as one round, without putting the bar down. Then you could rest as much as you wanted before starting the next round. And you had to do a total of 5 rounds. And it was hard. I started with a 40lb bar and then added 10lbs for subsequent rounds, and it was still hard. I don't even want to say how long it took me to get through it (hint: more than 45 minutes). Part of the challenge is I'm still working on my form, but most of it is that I have a lot of work to do yet to get strong. It was a great workout even so.