Saturday, March 26, 2011


Inspired by this video.

Hungry ants climb onto the helpless hulk,
the ocean-going hull towering over the beach.
Showers of sparks fall to drown in the water below,
the ants' work is reflected in dispassionate eyes.
Gears turning, cables tensing, chains pulling,
the ants wisely step back from the seam
as the last joints pop free and the deck sags.
Tons of sharp metal tilts, spins, and crashes.
Displaced ocean reclaims its rightful place,
sunlight finds its way into a rusting cathedral.
Waves still lapping at the remnants of the last,
the ants invite the next victim onto the sand.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm fed up

I'm fed up with poorly implemented, poorly tested, poorly understood software. I'm fed up with Best Buy and their laughable, so-called "technical expertise." I'm fed up with the miserable dreck that passes for most of what's on TV these days. I'm fed up with having to dodge bad drivers on the road or in parking lots, and I'm really fed up with that special category of idiot who partially blocks our driveway at home. I'm fed up with Big Content, Big Banks, the Telecoms, Oil Companies, and Drug Companies. I'm fed up with politics, and I'm fed up with our dysfunctional government. I'm fed up with the revolving door between government and industry. I'm fed up with people who take unfair advantage at every opportunity. I'm fed up with people who make excuses, shift blame, or otherwise dodge personal responsibility. I'm fed up with wasting my free time on Facebook.

Now I feel a little better, thanks.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

IBM Watson

What a terrific accomplishment IBM Watson is! The managers and engineers on that team must be proud to see how well the system did on Jeopardy. I think it's great for someone besides Google to demonstrate such innovation, and to do so in a way that the average person can get excited about.

We shouldn't have been surprised to find out that as impressive as Watson is, the system nevertheless is not yet perfect. For instance, Watson's designers didn't anticipate the need to receive and interpret answers from other players.

This is an exciting development and I'm curious to see which direction IBM will go from here.