Sunday, May 26, 2013

Give Way To Traffic

Video inspiration for a short story...having found a spot in a crowded parking garage, a non-descript man fumbles with his keys to lock his car door. He's come here many times, but something's different tonight. He starts to walk, and considers what it could be...maybe it's the new graffiti here and there on the walls. Footsteps echo from the level below. A second man with a vaguely threatening demeanor is walking up the ramp, approaching from behind, steadily closing the distance. A third man appears from around a corner, staring directly at the first man as he too follows along. They look like they've been waiting a long time for this and they aren't about to waste the opportunity. Other people exit their already parked cars, briskly stride around corners, climb up out of stairwells, pour out of side passages and elevators, to join the chase. Rage is on their faces. The mob passes under a sign that reads "Give Way To Traffic" as they start sprinting in pursuit. The man is suddenly cornered and turns to face the mob. Inexplicably, the mob hesitates now that they've caught their prey. The man smiles and looks for a hint of mercy among the faces surrounding him. Or maybe he's the one offering mercy. The chase has turned into a standoff.

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